Brainy Shane Battier Would Challenge Any NBA Power Forward to Jeopardy

With 34 years on his relatively skinny frame, the Miami Heat's Shane Battier may not be the most physically intimidating power forward in the NBA, but damn it if he's not one of smartest. The Duke-educated (it's the Harvard of the south, you know ...) Battier is so sure of his brains that he figures he could take on any other small forward in a game Jeopardy.

ESPN's Tom Haberstroh takes the latest shot at the Heat's relatively small average size, and particularly throws shade at Battier's 220-pound physic writing, "By starting the 220-pound Shane Battier against opposing power forwards, [coach Erik] Spoelstra is certainly making a gamble with his unconventional strategy."

Battier acknowledges he may have a size disadvantage, but reckons his noggin makes up for it.

"I'm undersized every night, but I like to think I'm quicker in the mind," Battier noted. "If we're playing Jeopardy, I like my chances against any power forward in the league. Print that."

We'll take "Burn" for $1,000, Alex.

Battier's brain has been complimented before, and the guy wants to be a school teacher after he retires from the NBA.

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