Brain Surgeon Tries to Propose By Burying Ring in Florida Beach, Ends Up Losing Ring

Proposing to your girlfriend isn't brain surgery. Just get down on one knee and pop the ring out of your jacket pocket. Boom. Done. Though, thanks to Hollywood romcoms and such, every proposal is expected to be some creative, ephemeral, tear jerking experience.

So, Dr. Steve Carr, an actual brain surgeon, decided he'd propose to his girlfriend by burying the ring in the sandy beaches off of Naples. Then he forgot where he put the ring.

Carr and his then-girlfriend Mary Naam decided to visit Naples from chilly Denver, Colorado back in April. Carr had ulterior motives for the trip. He planned to propose to Mary in Naples. Nothing like starting your new life together in a town where people go to die, we guess.

Anyway, Carr hatched a plan. He buried the ring in the sand, and hoped his girlfriend would dig it up. Wait, is his girlfriend part Terrier? Who over the age of ten randomly digs through sand?

"Hey, baby, wanna dig through some sand?"

"Nope, I'm good. Thanks."

"Nah, come on. It'd be fun."

"I just got my nails done."

"I think it might be special."

"Shut up, Steve."

Of course, before Steve could try to convince Mary to dig, he realized he forgot where he put it.

"It wasn't very smart. I wouldn't recommend doing something so risky," he tells ABC-7.

So the surprise was ruined when Steve admitted he forgot where he had buried the diamond ring. About a dozen people searched the sands for hours trying to find the ring before someone decided to call a dude with a metal detector. An experienced jewelry finder was able to track down the ring using the device in a few minutes.

Finally Carr was able to actually pop the question. She accepted.

But for any one who is planning on proposing soon, remember: skip the Hollywood touch. You're not getting engaged to Reese Witherspoon. Knee. Ring. Throw in a fancy dinner. There you go.

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