Brady, Belichick Two Wins Away from Breaking Marino and Shula's Wins Record

After 27 years, Dan Marino's record for most yards in a single season is expected to be overtaken. Even Marino admits as much. But another Marino record will almost surely be broken this year.

With 116 wins together with the Dolphins, Marino and Don Shula hold he NFL record for most wins by a QB and coach duo in the modern era. points out that the Patriots' Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will almost certainly break that this season.

The record goes back to a day when neither the Dolphin's head coaching or quarterbacking were in question. From 1983 to 1995, Fins fans knew what the team was capable of and went to the stadium with reasonable expectations that the Dolphins really could pull out a win against anyone. That's a far cry from today where we're Sucking for Luck and hoping Tony Sparano only stays around long enough to help us achieve that.

The record has stood for 16 years, but Belichick and Brady now sit at 115 wins. They just need one more to tie and another to own it outright. Baring some sort of historic meltdown or injury, it's pretty much a guarantee.

Here's the all time QB/Coach wins from Yes, three of the five are from the AFC East.

Of course, like always, at least the '72 Dolphins have a good chance of keeping the only perfect season. Only two teams are left undefeated -- the Lions and the Packers. They'll play each other twice, and we can only hope they split that series.

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Kyle Munzenrieder