Box Full of Rotting Chicken and Goat Parts Evacuates Miami Bank

The Miami-Dade police bomb squad was called into inspect a suspicious package at a bank in Southwest Miami-Dade. What they found inside wasn't so much detonable as it was disgusting. The box contained disemboweled parts of chickens and a goat. 

The bomb squad was called into the Bank of America branch on Quail Roost Drive at SW 127th Avenue in SW Miami-Dade shortly after 10 a.m. today. Someone had left an unattended package outside the bank. The flies surrounding the box should have been the first tip off that the contents were something more carnally atrocious than a bomb. 

Though just to be safe the bank and the entire surrounding shopping center, including a Publix supermarket, were evacuated for an hour reports CBSMiami. The squad even had a bomb detecting robot on hand. 

Once the squad investigated the possible bomb they realized it was chicken parts and what CBS calls "something that once belonged to a goat."

Police don't know how the box got there, but as usual Santeria is a leading suspect. 

The bank and shopping center have since reopened.  

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