Bobby Jindal Ruined Rick Sanchez's Cardio Work Out

Rick Sanchez, who apprently did not get the memo from Babalu that all Miami-raised Cuban Americans should be blindly devoted to the Republican party, just wanted to have a nice workout on his treadmill last night and watch the Obama speech. But then this Bobby Jindal guy came on, and he got so angry he had no choice but to whipe the sweat from his hands and log onto his twitter, naturally.  

Here are his tweets:

  • "i don't know what to say after watching jindal? kind of stunned. did i miss something? rewriting history? wow, don't facts matter?"
  • "there is no rail line from vegas to disney world, why does he say that?"
  • "to become energy independent, we'll drill more? shieriff decided to use boats to save lives during flood, that means gov't doesn't work?"
  • "one more thing about jindals speech, if you watch my show, now you know why i don't use a teleprompter! i hate being read too, badly!"

Note to all local news anchors: please do not wait until you get a CNN gig to start supplying us with outraged tweets. 

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