Boardroom Bloodbath at Burger King: Mass Executive Layoffs Under New Owners

Burger King's new Brazilian owner, 3G Capitol, just officially took control of the company days ago, and they've wasted little time in cleaning house. At least seven high-level executives at the Miami-based fast food chain have been laid off. The move is surely a sign of changes to come in the fried food kingdom.

Via The Herald, here's a list of all the executives at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive who were sent packing today:

• Chuck Fallon, executive vice president and President North America

• Kevin Higgins, executive vice president and President Europe, Middle East and Africa

• Julio Ramirez, executive vice president of global operations

• Peter Smith, executive vice president, chief human resources officer

• Gladys DeClouet-Mims, senior vice president, U.S. and Canada company operations

• Raj Rawal, senior vice president, chief information officer

• Amy Wagner, senior vice president of investor relations and global communications

Bernardo Hees, the company's new CEO, sent out a press release today announcing their replacements. Most of the new execs come from within Burger King or 3G. They will all be based in the company's Miami HQ.

"These executives bring a wealth of experience to their positions and I am confident that the BURGER KING brand and our business will thrive under their leadership. I look forward to working with them to capitalize on the many global opportunities that lie ahead," read Hees statement.

Hopefully one of them will figure out how to improve BK's salted cardboard fries.

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Kyle Munzenrieder