Blood Bath at Ocean Drive

The Ocean Drive layoff rumors we mentioned earlier actually happened yesterday, and things were much worse then expected.

Here's what we've learned so far (inadvertently) from a source within the mag: 25 people were laid off, and 15 more have the option of staying through the end of the year in exchange for a bigger severance package. The only specific name we're hearing that are gone are Vice President of Public Relations Lana Bernstein and a photo editor.

Six top staff members will be moving to New York in early January including Editor-in-Chief Glenn Albin, Managing Editor Eric Newill, Creative Director Carlos Suarez, Production Manager Barbara Shale, and Senior Fashion Editor Laurie Brookins. Another six also have the option of joining them.

With the top of their masthead off to New York, it seems that either Ocean Drive will be outsourced to the Big Apple or the mag is folding, and top staffers are being absorbed into other Niche Media publications. With a total of 40 people being laid off by the end of the year it doesn't seem good.

We've put out calls to both Albin and Newill for confirmation, but so far neither has gotten back to us. Let us know if you've heard more, and check back for updates.

update: The mag will still be around it seems, but production and layout duties will be run out of New York. Obviously, the mag will still have an editorial and event presence in the city. In fact they're having a party tonight to kick of the annual Key to the Cure charity event, tonight at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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