Bloggers Pick Up on Carlos Alvarez Jr. Story Where Media Leaves Off

If the release of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlo Alvarez's son from prison was a big deal, you wouldn't know it from any of the local media outlets (us included). The news broke nearly three months after the fact in, of all places, Joan Fleischman's Herald gossip column. We relegated it to a link in a News Roundup with an "under the bridge" joke, and that, from what I can tell, was the sum total of the response. 

Two of Miami's best blogs, Random Pixels and Carlos Miller, don't think that was enough and that just about everyone in the media dropped the ball on the story not only now, but after the crimes and during Alvarez's election as well. 

Carlos Alvarez Jr. got locked up in 1995 for sexually assaulting three teenage girls and terrorizing others. At the time Alvarez Sr. was the assistant director for police services of Metro police force. Jr.'s crimes weren't brought up during Sr.'s Mayoral bids, and now his release was reported quietly. 

Both posts are required reading. Was this a story that should have stayed out of the headlines like it has, or did the entire local media drop the ball? 

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Kyle Munzenrieder