Black Group Allegedly Beats White Man While Shouting "Trayvon," Internet Overreacts

If there's perhaps one thing the Trayvon Martin case has taught us, it's that we should all wait until more facts come to light before we make any absolute judgment. This is at least what a lot of my friends on the right have been telling me. Of course, now comes news that a drunk guy in Gainesville got jumped and claims his black attackers were shouting "Trayvon" before beating him. Oh, and hey, what do you know, a bunch of people filled the Gainesville Sun and's comments sections with absolute judgment before any real facts have come out.

The 27-year-old white victim was coming home drunk just before 3 a.m. Saturday. He claims a group of five to eight black men pulled over in a car, said he was walking too slowly, and then yelled "Trayvon" before beating him.

"We do believe that the crime was racially motivated," Gainesville Police Department spokeswoman Cpl. Angelina Valuri said.

His injuries were consistent with being jumped, but Valuri also says, according to the Sun, that the "victim had been drinking and could not provide a description of the attackers or their vehicle, only that it was a mid-size vehicle."

We're not saying his story isn't true; we're just saying it's really, really irresponsible of the Gainesville Police Department to spread stories of racially motivated retaliatory crimes related to hot-button issues based on nothing else but the words of a drunk man.

We're supposed to wait until the facts come out to pass judgment, right?

Yeah, well, cue the stupid Internet comments.

Actually, Sigmar Arnold, and all 241 people who liked his comment, blacks are often accused and convicted of hate crimes. Such as this woman. Or these teens who beat up white girls. In fact, some libertarians have called for an end to hate-crime laws because black people are convicted under those laws at a higher rate than whites.

Uh, yeah, Michael McKeon, the mainstream media -- controlled and owned in large part by white people -- hates white people. Oh, wait, that's a bit of fear-based intellectual gymnastics almost as shoddy as somehow thinking anti-racism equals anti-whiteness.

Jim, do you realize you're reading this story in the online edition of the Gainesville Sun?


Oh no, Roy Rubin, you've found out Obama's secret re-election tactics! Sending out black people to beat up white people! That's what all those white kids in Chicago have been cooking up!

That's not the exact breakdown of the American population, Wesley Siders, but yes, you are right that some white people will use their majority status to "whup" minorities. That already happens in nonviolent ways.

I guess Tim Dobczyk's byline won't be appearing in the National Review anytime soon.

We don't even know what that comment means, but the government giving people $1 million sort of sounds like socialism to us. Are you a socialist, Doug McClure?

It's a secret the media has kept from you for years: Sometimes you actually have to read more than the headline to get all the details. You've finally figured out our big conspiracy!

You might be wrong that we're on the verge of a race war, Mickey McFinnigan, but you do provide compelling evidence that some white people are "all out freaking crazy."

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Kyle Munzenrieder