Paciello and Madonna in simpler times.

Bizarre Love Triangle: Madonna, A-Rod and Chris Paciello?

Madonna doesn't look back to the past all that often. Constant reinvention is Madge's trademark, but every once in a while she takes a little time to reminisce. Her 2005 album Confessions on a Dance was a nod to her dance floor roots, and according to one British tabloid she's looking to rekindle an old flame - Former SoBe "It" boy and mob affiliate Chris Paciello.

According to The Daily Star Paciello and Madonna were spotted arm and arm in Toronto this weekend, and the Queen of Pop is flying back to Miami between gigs. Eh, you know the British tabs aren't known for accuracy, but Paciello did reportedly call Madonna for bail money after he got busted for assault earlier this year.

Paciello became a South Beach fixture during the 90's and was close friends and business partners with another rumored Madonna flame, Ingrid Casares. Depending on who you talk to, Madonna may have found time in her busy dating schedule that decade to have a fling with Paciello.

In '99 an earlier Mob related murder and robbery caught up with Paciello, and he served time until '06. At the time The New Times did a four part series on Paciello, "Goon Over Miami."

But what about Madonna's other rumored Miami paramour, Rodriguez? Well apparently Madonna, 50, wants to have a baby with him?

Madonna, if you didn't hear, recently announced her divorce from Film director Guy Richie. Um, maybe her next reinvention is living out a real life reverse version of "Big Love" in Miami? Or maybe the tabs are just recklessly slinging rumors.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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