Birdman Lost His $2 Million Heat Bet but Still Parties With Mavericks

Last night was brutal for Miamians, but considering rapper Birdman had boasted he made a $2 million bet on the Heat in the NBA Finals, we figured he'd be a bit more despondent than the rest of us. Apparently watching his team and bank account lose didn't stop Baby from having a good time last night. He still donned his finest bling, got into the back of a Maybach, and headed to LIV to party with the Mavericks.

There's no telling whether Birdman's $2 million bet claim was legit, but considering this is the guy who once gave Lil Wayne $1 million in cash for his birthday, it seems like something he'd do.

He did appear stunned when the Heat lost, however. Bird was sitting courtside, and Dirk Nowitzki just so happened to pass him as he jumped over the front row and returned to the locker-room to celebrate. In the video you can see Birdman, dressed in red T-shirt and hat, looking absolutely stunned as he stares at Nowitzki.

But Birdman wasn't going to let it ruin his night.

Shortly after, he tweeted, "Ridin round in my gati pistol off in my pocket." He followed that up with a picture of himself alongside Wayne in the back of a Maybach:

The pair then headed to LIV, site of the Mavs' championship party.

WorldRedEye has pictures, and friggin' Lil Wayne, who we thought was a Heat fan, was ecstatic. Whatever. Wayne's a great rapper, don't get us wrong, but he's a piece of shit when it comes to being a sports fan. Guy's been on more wagons than a third-grader playing Oregon Trail in 1993. He's the dude from New Orleans who actually rooted against the Saints in 2009.

We expected a bit more out of Birdman, if only because he had the equivalent of the GDP of a small island nation riding on the game, but Baby still showed up to LIV to party with Dirk. Not sure if letting a guy who just lost $2 million on the game and was bragging about having a pistol in his pocket was the best move on LIV's security's part, though.

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Kyle Munzenrieder