Yeah, you've seen this picture a million times, but really, what else were we going to illustrate this with?

Bikini.Com Wants In On That Palin Action, Too

Miami Beach-based websites have a special touch with bizarre press releases some how relating their offerings to Sarah Palin. First WigSalon.com hit the soft news jackpot by heralding their Wasilla wigs, and now Bikini.com is touting the results of some web poll they held.

Apparently 61% of people who would fill out such a poll would rather see Supreme Leader Palin in her caribou fur bikini than Pamela Anderson (but to be fair, uh, who hasn't seen Pam in a bikini? When is she not wearing a bikini?).

"I think Ms. Palin has become the first political sex symbol," says Howie Sonnenschein, Executive Producer of Bikini.com. "Notwithstanding people's political leanings, many observers think that Ms. Palin is a beautiful woman and of course she has a history of being in beauty pageants. We've seen movie stars become presidents, and this is the first beauty pageant contestant that has a chance at getting into the White House [edit: might want to check JFK's sex diaries first]. We would like to officially make an offer to Ms. Palin -- if she ever wants to get the vote of our millions of Bikini.com fans, we'd be happy to do a swimsuit photo shoot with her in Alaska."

I'm not sure if I follow that "pose in swimsuit = get votes" theory. We all know what happened to Walter Mondale's 1984 campaign after he decided to do that ill-advised October surprise Speedo shoot.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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