Bickering Won't Get Anyone Anywhere

Tami Nantz, the South Florida proprietor of Moms 4 Sarah Palin, furthered her path to media super stardom by appearing on CNN last night with a group of other South Florida ladies inspired by Gov. Palin.

As predicted Nantz and her blog (which now has grown to include more contributors) have already received an avalanche of hateful comments and emails from liberals (in the video she says someone called her a pig with or with out lipstick. A little over the line there, comrade).

Two posts lambaste liberals for being just so darn hateful.

The true face of Liberalism, of the Democratic Party, and of the scribbling minions of the Barack Hussein Obama campaign are on full display in our comments sections. The Obama campaign seems to attract the weak minded, the prejudiced, and the reprobate... For the liberal left there is no room for rational debate, no time for analysis of the core issues (e.g. Barack Hussein Obama's associations with Wright, Ayers, and Raines. Or, Obama's socialism, position on infanticide, gun control, Iran, his proposed invasion of Pakistan, his affinity for the likes of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, and etc.)

So many places to start, but I'll just end it with a call for everyone to chill out. Yeah, it's amazingly fun to poke fun at politicians, and the political spectrum is filled with a lot of hate. But there's always that giant middle who respond to whatever the most pressing issue is at the time. In 2004 it was Iraq, in 2000 it was, um, whichever candidate we wanted to have a beer with more, and in 2008 it's the economy. Democrats have the advantage and the reasonable bet is that they'll take the White House and increase their majority in both houses of Congress. That's that, and all the hateful back and forth bickering in the world isn't going to change it (someone should tell whatever McCain adviser decided bringing up William Ayers would matter).

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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