Bernie Sanders Should Join Donald Trump as His Vice President

The 2016 presidential race has been a crazy, unpredictable mess. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are driving both Republican and Democratic party leaders insane.

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me to see this pair join forces. Sound crazy? A Trump-Sanders ticket is not that far-fetched.

These guys have many similarities. Their rallies attract thousands of supporters who believe their candidate will take back America from the 1 percent who control everything. They reject free-trade agreements that decimated the ranks of American workers after companies moved operations abroad. They both oppose attempts by Congress to limit spending on social security and Medicare. And they believe in a health-care system for all people.

A Trump-Sanders ticket is not that far-fetched.

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Trump is a hero among conservative whites in the Midwest, Tea Party activists, and blue-collar Republicans. Sanders has millennials, members of the Black Lives Matter movement, independents, and extremely liberal whites in his corner.

Poor whites and poor minorities have more in common than politicians and the mainstream media want us to believe. For instance, they both love their right to own a gun and use it to defend themselves. People are rallying around Trump and Sanders because they want to blow up a rigged system.

There are two reasons Clinton is beating Sanders: One, she has more superdelegates. And two, old black people still love her because they believe the Democratic Party will save them even though it hasn't done jack for African-Americans.

Similarly, the Republican Party hasn't accomplished anything for poor white people. Both parties keep the masses separated by using their PACs and so-called grassroots organizations to buy ads and blanket neighborhoods with propaganda about how conservatives and liberals will never get along.

If Sanders really wants to make Clinton and the Dems "feel the Bern," he should embrace the possibility of being Trump's running mate. But even if a Trump-Sanders ticket won the popular vote, it might not be enough. The presidency is ultimately decided by the Electoral College, which is controlled by the rich and powerful.

I don't like either of these guys much, but the way things are going, we could end up in another civil war.

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