Uncle Luke says Ben Carson wouldn't fight for black Americans.
Uncle Luke says Ben Carson wouldn't fight for black Americans.

Ben Carson Would Be a Catastrophe for Black America

I've spent weeks trying to figure out Dr. Ben Carson, the African-American former brain surgeon running for president. It's mind-boggling that this guy is now leading in some polls for the Republican nomination given that the party represents the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations, and every racist organization in America. You have to give Republican voters in rural primary states like Iowa credit for making Carson a prime-time contender.

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Carson certainly has the far-right-wing cred. He's climbed to the top of the polls by boldly proclaiming that a Muslim American should not be allowed to run for president, that Obamacare is worse than slavery, and that the Egyptian pyramids were used in biblical times to store grain, not as tombs for pharaohs. Carson is exactly the candidate Republican voters deserve.

Now he's trying to build his credibility with African-Americans. He recently dropped a rap-song ad that will air on radio stations across the nation, including Miami, in an attempt to court black voters. Last week, like a gangsta rapper called out for being fake, Carson lashed out at a CNN reporter after the network aired a story that debunked his claims of being a young violent thug until he found God and started going to church.

Ben Carson Would Be a Catastrophe for Black America

In his 1990 memoir, Carson claims he once punched a classmate with a lock in his hand, smashed a rock in the face of another, and almost stabbed a friend in the belly. Former classmates, though, told CNN they had no recollection of such violent incidents involving Carson. And other parts of his story don't add up. On November 6, Carson's campaign admitted to Politico that he lied about getting a full scholarship to West Point Academy after the prestigious military school could find no record of his application.

It wouldn't surprise me if Carson turns out to be a member of the Boulé, the first African-American Greek secret society founded in the early 1900s and modeled after Yale University's Skull and Bones, a predominantly white group that counts former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush as members. Coincidentally, Carson is a Yale alum too. The Boulé doesn't like underprivileged black people and supports anything and everything white people do against minorities.

If Carson wins the nomination, I'm gonna need a stiff cocktail.

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