Bedbug Menace Slowly Making Its Way to South Florida

New York City is under the persistent attack of bedbugs, with even fancy and iconic joints like the Waldorf Astoria hotel, the Empire State Building, and United Nations headquarters succumbing to infestation. There's now evidence that the great bedbug threat may soon be elevating in South Florida, but have no worry, some company is offering the services of a bedbug sniffing dog that only speaks French to save us. Godspeed you, French bedbug dog.

True, the threat level is still low but according to the Sun-Sentinel the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation found bedbug violations in just 0.18 percent of all 36,947 licensed hotels, motels, apartments and condos in Florida. But that's up from only 0.08 percent in 2009.

Only seven places in Miami-Dade were found to have bedbugs in 2010, but infestations always start slow?

Bedbugs were largely eradicated from developed countries in the 1940s, but have been making a reappearance as of late. The tiny parasites like to come out at night to suck on human blood and can often leave rashes once they're done.

If you're worried about bedbugs you can always secure the services of Dia, the bedbug-sniffing dog, which Beach Environmental claims is the "first trained Bed Bug detection dog in South Florida":

Dia knows only French commands so that people talking inside of a room cannot distract her from her work. When Dia finds Bed Bugs she sits and points with her nose to where she senses the Bed Bugs are located. Then she gets rewarded with her ball, her favorite toy.
Ah mon dieu, that is almost adorable enough to risk getting bedbugs just to watch.

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Kyle Munzenrieder