Beckham: "Hopefully" There Will Be Announcement Before the New Year

Well, we all know that David Beckham is working to make the dream of bringing a Major League Soccer team to Miami a reality, and we all know that he has a December 31 deadline to do so.

Now Beckham has officially confirmed that he hopes to make an announcement by January 1.

"Hopefully there will be an announcement before the new year," Beckham told the UK's Sky Sports. "We haven't announced that it's definitely going to be Miami yet but obviously I've been seen in Miami quite a few times. We're getting the details right at the moment."

"I'm excited about the future," he continued. "I want to put back into the game a little something and if this is the way of doing it... then it's amazing. I'm excited about that."

As part of his deal to sign with the Los Angeles Galaxy, Beckham was giving the opportunity to buy an MLS franchise at a discounted rate. Though, under that contract the deadline is by the end of this year.

However, it seems the biggest remaining piece of the puzzle is finding a spot to build an eventual stadium for the team. They'd likely play at another facility for their first few seasons, but it seems MLS wants the team to have a more permanent home. The latest speculation is that Beckham and his group are eyeing the possibility of building a stadium in the Port of Miami, but several other locations are also being considered.

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