Barnes & Noble Ain't Down With Photog Carlos Miller's Brand Of Blogging

Read "Carlos Miller: Freedom For Photographers."

Blogger, photographer, and cop watchdog Carlos Miller is looking for a new home on the Internet. Yesterday, he announced that Pixiq, the web company that hosts his blog Photgraphy Is Not A Crime, informed him that he has a month to move to another homestead in cyberspace. "I knew this day would come, even when I signed an agreement with Barnes and Nobles, which owns Sterling Publishing, which owns Pixiq," Miller wrote on his blog. "But I hold no resentment. No anger. No ill-wishes against Pixiq."

We're guessing Miller's abrasive confrontational style, especially against police officials who violate people's first amendment right to photograph or video record cops acting stupid, was too much for a wholesome family company like Barnes & Noble. We're waiting to hear back from Miller for more details.

Nevertheless, Miller wrote that it was a good ride while it lasted. He noted that during the two years his blog was hosted on the photography web-site, his editors only deleted one of his articles. Miller adds that Pixiq's content managers wanted him to focus more on photographers who get harassed or arrested rather than power-tripping cops who get caught on a dash cam or a citizen's camcorder abusing their power.

"But those latter stories prove why it is so important for us to learn our rights as photographers because if we don't police the police, then who will?" Miller wrote.

Miller, whom we ranked fourth on our list of top watchdog bloggers back in January, is a shitty cop's worst nightmare. He is currently fighting a criminal charge of obstruction of justice stemming from his arrest on Jan. 31 when Miami and Miami-Dade Police evicted Occupy Miami protesters from the Stephen P. Clark Government Center in downtown Miami. Miller was singled out by Maj. Nancy Perez, head of the county police's public information unit.

Shortly following his arrest, Miller discovered that MDPD was keeping tabs on his Facebook page like he was some shutterbug version of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

As for the future of Photography Is Not A Crime, Miller writes that he will most likely go back to the Wordpress platform he was using before he joined Pixiq. He is seeking a graphic designer to come up with a new look for the blog, as well as volunteer writers to help him bust authority figures who are clueless about our God given right to photograph shenanigans on a public street.

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