Barack Obama Toilet Paper Being Used at Florida Fire Station

Here in America we're, of course, nothing but high-minded about our politics. We're able to have reasoned and enlightened discussions about our political differences, and respect others' right to disagree with our viewpoints.

No, hahaha, just kidding. In America we wipe our butts with pictures of our own president, apparently.

Officials in Pompano Beach, Florida, are investigating how a roll of toilet paper printed with the picture of President Barack Obama ended up being used at a city fire house.

City officials believe the toilet paper came into play after a firefighter was told to take anti-Barack Obama stickers off of his city-owned locker

"If you have an opinion, you're certainly entitled to it. Everyone has their opinion. Put it on your own personal vehicle or your own personal things," a city spokeswoman told WSVN. "But you don't display it on city property, on city grounds that maybe someone else doesn't agree with, that's politically motivated, and it's inappropriate."

The stickers were removed, but then the roll of BO TP was found.

We're wondering why anyone would use Obama toilet paper anyway. It can do pretty good job, but sometimes takes a lot longer to get it done than you expected.

It is preferable to Mitt Romney toiler paper, though. That stuff changes its mind on what direction it wants to wipe all the time.

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