Barack Obama Really Saved a Norwegian at Miami Airport

It's been an Internet eternity since everyone was linking Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle. The weird little site generated "facts" about Barack Obama like "Barack Obama made you a mixtape," "Barack Obama emailed your dad and told him how great you are," and "Barack Obama paid your speeding ticket." The joke was that Obama seemed so perfect their really wasn't any effective way to make fun of him (Sorry, Fred Armisen), so instead the site poked fun of all these wonderful things that surely not even Barack Obama would actually do. Things like pay the airline fine of a total stranger when she's stuck at Miami International Airport.

Oh, wait he totally did do that once according to a Norwegian newspaper. A translated version of the piece has been going around the internet the past few days, thanks to a Norwegian blogger.

Visit the link for the full article, but long story short a newlywed Norwegian woman was fined $103 for a baggage overage at MIA 20 years ago. She didn't have the money, and didn't know what to do. Then a tall man offered to pay her fine. That man was Barack Obama. The woman paid him back when she returned to Norway. Eighteen years later her parents wrote a supportive letter to Obama when they found out he was considering a presidential run, and got a personal thank you letter in return.

Woah, Barack Obama actually is your new bicycle.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder