Barack Obama Loves Rick Scott's Tweet

Politics make strange Tweetfellows. While Mitt Romney has tried to claim Florida's economy under Barack Obama has been lagging, Florida Governor Rick Scott has maintained, for his own political future, that the economy in the state is improving.

So, while it might be strange that the Barack Obama campaign is highlighting a Tweet made by Rick Scott, perhaps the most unpopular governor sweeped in during the Tea Party surge of 2010, it actually makes perfect sense.

Scott tweeted the following last week:

According to Bloomberg News, Josh Earnest, the principal deputy White House press secretary, made note of the Tweet, and indicated that Obama may be talking about the tweet during his appearance at the University of Miami today.

While Barack Obama and Rick Scott may be political opposites, they're both incumbents and their reelections chances rest substantially on their economic track records.

Of course, who is really to credit for the unemployment decline in Florida's two biggest metro areas -- Scott, Obama, or neither -- is a whole other matter of discussion.

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