Barack Obama Has Left a Loonier America in His Wake

Barack Obama has dealt with a lot of bullshit that none of the 43 white presidents before him had to go through. He set the standard for what to expect the next time America elects a black man to be commander in chief. As he nears the end of his second term, it’s time to look back on events that have come to define his presidency:

1. Everybody wants to smoke pot. Since Obama was reelected in 2012, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and the nation’s capital have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults. Several national polls taken last year show more than 50 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legal.

2. Fox News becomes America’s number one news source. A March 9 Quinnipiac University poll found that Fox News is the most trusted news network in the nation. Bill O’Reilly, Rupert Murdoch, and Roger Ailes will be so sad when Obama leaves office and their ratings plummet.

3. Secret Service agents become party animals. On March 4, two senior agents, including a top member of Obama’s protective detail, allegedly slammed a government car into White House security barricades after drinking at a late-night party. The incident occurred three years after Secret Service agents allegedly banged hookers during a trip protecting the president in Colombia.

4. Congress hijacks foreign policy. First, Republican congressional members invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to trash Obama’s negotiations with Iran for a nuclear disarmament deal. Then a bunch of racist senators, including Miami native son Marco Rubio, wrote a letter to Iranian leaders telling them the president doesn’t speak for America. That’s how you show the world the White House Negro is not in charge.

5. White men shoot unarmed black teenage boys and claim self-defense. George Zimmerman set things off by killing Trayvon Martin. He got off. So did the cop who fatally shot Ferguson teen Michael Brown. At least 51-year-old Michael Dunn was convicted of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis in Jacksonville.

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