Barack Obama Cuts Last-Minute Ad for Crist, Robocall for Garcia

Charlie Crist may have publicly hugged Barack Obama back when he was a Republican, but the president has been nowhere to be seen during Crist's election bid as a Democrat. Many speculate that's because Crist didn't want to be tied to Washington politics and Obama's somewhat falling popularity.

Well, Obama has cut a last-minute radio ad for Charlie Crist and recorded a robocall for Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia as well.

According to Naked Politics, the ad started airing yesterday on a Miami radio station "with a predominantly African-American audience."

"This is it, Florida," the president says in the ad. "This is Barack Obama ... So if want to raise Florida's minimum wage, go vote. If you believe that every child deserves a fair shot, and that it's wrong to cut scholarships and funding for schools, go vote. If you want a governor who will fight for you, not just the wealthy and the powerful, go vote for Charlie Crist."

Of course, Rick Scott's campaign was quick to react with a statement:

"After months of waiting, President Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail for Charlie Crist," the statement reads in part." We already know Barack Obama's policies are on the ballot in this election because he told us that himself. But, his new ad for Charlie Crist today means Charlie Crist wants you to know that too."

The news comes just a few days after targeted voters in Joe Garcia's district started receiving a robocall from the prez.

"Joe Garcia knows that Medicare and Social Security aren't schemes, they're promises we make to one another, they're commitments that make this country stronger, and he'll always fight to protect them," says the president.

Republicans across the country have been eager to tie their Democratic opponents to President Obama, and Florida is no exception.

Of course, the president does remain popular among many Democrats, and in Charlie Crist's case especially, with his Republican past and what not, reminding some voters that he does have Obama's support could prove successful.

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Kyle Munzenrieder