Banco Popular Forecloses on Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina's Property

Pobrecito Julito

. Hialeah's mayor can't catch a break these days. He is battling the city unions over pensions and the city budget. He is dodging questions about his business relationship with $40 million Ponzi schemer

Luis Felipe Perez

, as well as inquiries about

personal deals he has made with city vendors

. And now Banco Popular is

foreclosing on a property

he owns with his wife and several other business partners.

The New York-based bank filed a notice of lis pendens this past July 29 against the Robainas and their partners in a company called Majo V LLC. According to court records, Majo took out a $2 million loan from Banco Popular (when it was Kislak National Bank) in 2004. The collateral is an 11-unit Miami Lakes office building Majo owns.

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