Balare: Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Charter School Not First

Even if you like charter schools, and I do, you gotta admit that drunken dancing shouldn't take place there at night.

The new allegations reported by NBC and the Miami Herald that a nightclub was operating out of Balare Academy on Quail Roost Drive ain't the first. Wild times and perversion are a charter school staple.

For instance:

Philadelphians got pissed off last year when a bar called Club Damiani was found to be operating at a science and technology charter school where kindergartners studied. The place was even allowed a liquor license.

Just a couple of weeks ago, an administrator at a Santa Rosa, California charter school was popped after allegedly embezzling $400,000. She was on probation for a drug crime. And she had illegal prescription drugs including Vicodin in her possession.

Then there was the charter school outside Denver where not one, but two teachers were charged with sexually assaulting kids. And the principal was married to one of the bad teachers.

Oh yeah, and our own Gus Garcia-Roberts found student athletes who really were just athletes at local, nontraditional schools. Millions of state dollars have been spent on a program to support this. Study? Heck no, I'm playin' basketball.

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