Bailout Fails Again

This whole bailout thing failed again!

I just admitted I don't have enough business sense to properly judge the outcome of a cheerios restaurant let alone pass any informed judgments on something this large (I have all my money, all $5, invested in a Beanie Baby collection. Actually it's at Wachovia. Uh.... hope that works out.) All I know now is that the big stink (besides the whole socialism thing, which hopefully in my head will lead to trickle down socialism, which would be awesomish, maybe) is "oh, well we're moving too fast, and we didn't consider any other plans." Maybe that is true, but when there's a fire you don't sit around discussing how much the first attempt to put it out sucked, you move on as quickly as you can to a second, hopefully better attempt.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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