Bad Girls Club Is in Town, Still No Update on Jersey Shore Arrival

Browsing the weekly listing of film permits issued in Miami-Dade sometimes yields interesting results. For instance, Vogue will apparently shoot photos in Haulover Park. Yes, that's home of the nude beach.

It also seems the Miami-set fifth season of Oxygen's reality train wreck Bad Girls Club has begun filming. The permit is for filming on North Bay Road between 41st and 64th streets. That's an otherwise quiet and upscale stretch of Miami Beach on the bayside. We wonder if residents know their new neighbors are walking drama bombs with personal, behavioral, and even psychological problems.

Bad Girls Club rarely takes cast members out of the house, but if you see cameramen with a group of ill-behaved ladies that aren't Kardashians or guidettes, be aware they're probably the Bad Girls, and please let us know.

You know who doesn't have permits yet? Jersey Shore.

Gossip reports say the new season was supposed to begin shooting in Miami this week. However, one of the rules of Jersey Shore is that the castmates are cut off from technology, their cell phones seized and replaced by the duck phone. As of now, they're still tweeting away.

Snooki says she's preparing by "Shopping for the necessities! Meaning bronzer and hair clips!"

And Ronnie tweeted this morning: "WMC tomorrow morn. Ahh give me the Sun, Beach w/ a Corona!"

Not sure if that'll be part of filming or just a personal trip.

But when they stop updating on Twitter, it's probably a good indication they're here.

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