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Babies Beware

Looking to take a non-pregnant pause from all that Palin news? Well, unless you want to obsessively dwell on hurricanes, the best the local news has to offer is stories about more babies. And unfortunately they're not of the "Breaking: This Totally Cute Baby Just Did The Most Adorable Thing! More at Eleven!" type. It's depressingly all about fires, death and alcohol.

A Broward couple was just sentenced, to a paltry five years of probation, for giving their newborn a lethal dose of vodka in 2004. A Lauderhill baby was saved from a burning house on Sunday, but is back in the hospital from complications caused by the fire . Then, there's the guy who allegedly shook his girlfriend's baby to death.

All the poor little babies. Maybe it's because all the grandmothers have been lead astray. It's all so, so sad I want to curl up in the fetal position.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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