AT&T 3G Service Is Down in Miami, Sorry iPhone Addicts UPDATED

We may have avoided a natural disaster, but it figures we'd be greeted with some sort of disaster this week. AT&T 3G service seems to be down in Miami right now, which means your iPhone is nothing more than a glorified paperweight at the moment unless you turn 3G off. Update: Its been restored. It appears to be back down for some people. 

The outage comes just two months after the Great Three-Hour iPhone Outage of 6/28 (never forget), and most of the problems appear to be the same: no 3G, no ability to make or receive calls or texts. Though the problem this time seems to be affecting only central Miami-Dade.

However, if you turn off 3G service, you will be able to make calls. Go to settings on your iPhone, click general, and then switch off the "Enable 3G" toggle.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that a cell tower lost power, and it might be until 8 tonight until service is restored. We'll keep you updated when we learn more.

Update: Here's the official statement from AT&T:

"Some AT&T wireless customers from mid-Broward County south to Key West may not be able to make mobile-to-mobile calls or receive calls to their mobile from a landline due to an equipment issue. Only mobile broadband/3G service is impacted; 2G service is not. Network technicians are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for the service interruption."

Update 2: AT&T appears to have fixed the problem, so turn your 3G back on and Tweet, Instagram, Grindr, Foursquare and text away.

Update 3: Service seems to be back down for several users (including us) again as of 5:30 pm. Switch that 3G back off. We'll report back once AT&T releases a statement. 

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