As Violent Anti-U.S. Protests Spread To Yemen, Florida Pastor Terry Jones' Website Is Hacked

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The Middle Eastern violence sparked by an anti-Islam video spread, in part, by Koran-burning Gainesville pastor Terry Jones continued today in Egypt and spread to Yemen. In Sana'a, the Yemeni capital, protestors breached the U.S. embassy and set fires. Unlike Tuesday's attack in Libya, where the U.S. ambassador was killed, no Americans have been hurt in Yemen.

In Florida, Jones planned to post the offensive video to his church's website -- a move worrying enough that the chairman of the joint chiefs called Jones to ask him to back off. This morning, Jones says he couldn't post the video because his site was hacked.

Jones, who sparked deadly riots in Afghanistan last year by burning Korans at his church, had pledged to defy Gen. Martin Dempsey's request that he not inspire more violence by posting the video again to his website even though he considers it "pornographic."

"The problem I have is how far do you back down?,'' he told the Miami Herald. "Honestly, no matter what you do if you speak out against the Koran in any form, that is reason for them to retaliate. They do not tolerate any type of criticism."

It turned out to be a moot point this morning, as Jones says hackers kept his site out of commission. Well played, hackers.

That didn't stem the violent outbursts from continuing in Egypt and spreading to Yemen, though.

In Cairo last night, protestors scaled an embassy wall, tore down a U.S. flag and hurled stones at a police cordon.

In Sanaa, groups chanting, "We sacrifice ourselves for you, Messenger of God," smashed through the American embassy's gate, smashed windows and burned cars, Reuters reports.

The violence was all sparked earlier this week by a mysterious video called "The Innocence of Muslims," a hammy low-budget production that portrays Muhammad as a child molester and dolt.

The actors in the production now say they were misled about the script and their words were later overdubbed, and the director and financier apparently used a fake name and is incognito.

Less you leave this morning completely depressed at the state of the world, take a deep breath and click through this slideshow of a pro-U.S. rally held in Libya yesterday where hundreds gathered to apologize for the actions of extremists in Benghazi.

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