As Kyle Orton Talks Stall, Stephen Ross Promises Dolphins Will Add Another Quarterback

Rest assured, Dolfans, your team's hunt for another quarterback isn't over. Owner Stephen Ross told the media today he expects the team to sign somebody. Possibly even anybody. Just don't hold your breath hoping that anybody is necessarily going to be better than Chad Henne.

Ross tells the Miami Herald that team still has lots of confidence in Henne's ability, but with rookie Pat Devlin and some guy named Tom Brandstater (anyone have any idea who this guy is?) as the only other QBs on the roster right now, the team would like to sign someone to possibly compete with Henne. However, the possibility of signing someone who can come in and start right away seems to be fading.

"We have a lot of confidence in Chad," Ross told the media. "We'd upgrade that position if there's somebody that much better available.

"I don't think there's really anybody that's that much more outstanding that you would say is much better than Chad to upgrade that position to start with. So I don't know what's going to happen out there."

Discussion with Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton seems to have stalled. He's practicing with that team in Colorado and told the media yesterday he expects to stay there. Ross didn't directly address the situation, but the possibility of an Orton signing isn't out of the question just yet.

Orton seems to be the Fins' last chance for a big-name veteran QB this year. Vince Young is heading to the Eagles, and Carson Palmer's messy situation with the Bengals means he'll have to sit out this season. Unless the Fins want to dust off Brett Favre for one final spin (an absolutely disgusting option, if you ask us) or take a chance on some guy named Matt Moore, as the Palm Beach Post reports, it's pretty much Orton or, uh, anybody.

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Kyle Munzenrieder