As Crist Sees #Fangate Bump, Scott Plays Strip Club Money Card

Could a fan make the difference in the incredibly tight governor's race? A new poll seems to think so. Gravis Marketing reports that Charlie Crist is up 44 percent to Rick Scott's 42. The poll also specifically asked previously undecided voters who watched the debate whether #Fangate played a role in their decision.

"It hurt Scott," Gravis managing partner Doug Kaplan told the Orlando Sentinel, though, he didn't elaborate on how much.

Scott's rebuttal tactic: to make a big deal out of the money Crist accepted from donors who happen to own strip clubs.

Scott's team takes the Democratic tag "War on Women" and uses it against Crist in this latest ad.

The ad plays an excerpt of CBS4's Jim DeFede pressing Crist about the donations and intercuts it with sad eyes and onscreen text that links strip clubs to sex trafficking.

Of course, as we previously pointed out and the Times/Herald political blogs have now, Scott has his own connection to sexy money. His family trust owns a 15-percent share in the social networking site MeetMe, previously known as Que Pasa. The site once had a business arrangement with Playboy Mexico and has been linked to several cases where rapists and child abusers met their victims through the site.

Whatever the case may be, it seems that the biggest talking points in the closing weeks of this campaign concern strip clubs and fans.

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