Are You Obese? Talented? Both? NBC Wants You

Riptide was actually not aware that NBC bothered to broadcast anything besides 30 Rock, The Office, and the "I really, really hope one day it gets funny" Kath & Kim. But apparently those shows aren't paying the bills, so they've got a schedule full of sweet, sweet reality television, and as always are looking for the next herd of people to embarrass/exploit on national television. Naturally, they will be in Miami soon -- because really, no one here has any problem with being embarrassed or exploited.

Looking to lose a pound or 70? Producers from The Biggest Loser will be at the Shops at Midtown March 7, casting for both versions of the show, singles and couples. Yes, there are two versions. More information here.

I know even less about America's Got Talent, but apparently it involves you doing some sort of stupid human trick and then getting judged by two Brits and David Hasselhoff. Which is like a recurring stress dream I used to have in high school, except usually naked. Producers will be at the Hyatt Regency Miami March 28 and 29. All you need is to be American and have some sort of talent. More information here.

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