Another Tourist Run Over on Florida Beach by Police Vehicle

Just imagine the possible tourism campaign: "Visit Florida's Beaches: The nicest places to get run over in the world."

Yes, for the second time in a month, another tourist visiting the state has been run over by a public vehicle. This incident occurred in Daytona and involves a part-time lifeguard in a pickup truck running over a woman.

Thirty-three-year-old Erin Michelle Joynt was visiting Daytona Beach from the beach-less lands of Wichita, Kansas. The tourist was catching some rays on the sand yesterday at about 10 a.m. when she was run over by the pickup truck.

Twenty-one-year-old Thomas Moderie, a part-time lifeguard, was driving the Beach Patrol vehicle while responding to a call about broken glass on the beach. He apparently didn't see Joynt, and ran right over her.

She's now in a Central Florida hospital recovering in stable condition. As per policy, Moderie will be drug-tested.

The incident seems to be a lot less dramatic than a similar incident in Miami Beach in which a drunken police officer met a woman at a bar, decided to take her on an ATV joyride, and then hit a couple lying on the beach at 5 in the morning.

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