Animal Rights Activists Want to "Recall" Animal Services Director Sara Pizano

Miami-Dade has reform fever, and the only cure is more recalls. Following Tuesdays political massacre of Carlos Alvarez and Natacha Seijas at the polls it's no surprise that other groups feel inspired and want to see more change. Now a group of animal rights activists is calling for the "recall" of the director for the Miami-Dade Animal Services, Dr. Sara Pizano. Of course, considering she's not an elected official, she can't really be recalled, but they want her out anyway.

Reads the press release:

After careful

deliberation and conference calls with numerous organizations; at this time, The Miami

Voice, The No Kill Nation, and the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation are

"Officially" requesting the resignation of Dr. Sara Pizano from her position as Director for

the Miami Dade County Animal Services...effective immediately!

Notably, Vanessa Brito, the director of Miami Voice, the group that led the effort to recall Seijas, signed the letter.

Pizano, a veterinarian by trade, has served in the position since 2005 but has been hounded by animalloving activists for most of her tenure. Pizano took the job promising to reduce the number of animals that are killed in the shelter, but activists claim that more than 325 cats and dogs are killed a day on the taxpayer's dime. Complaints that euthanasia actually increased under Pizano's reign date as far back as to 2006, just six months after she took the job.

Activists are also against a method called the "heart stick" used to kill cats. A needle with fatal drugs is injected directly into the feline's heart. Pizano is publicly against the method, but animal activists say she hasn't taken enough steps to ensure it doesn't happen again in her department.

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Kyle Munzenrieder