This past April 30, I wrote about North Miami mayoral candidate Frank Wolland calling out opponent Andre Pierre for supposedly refusing to answer questions about his 4.9 percent ownership interest in North Miami Housing Ltd.

The partnership was established by the developers of Biscayne Landing, a controversial 193-acre residential and office project being built just east of Biscayne Boulevard, to sell 5,800 affordable housing units. My post made it appear that Pierre still had a financial interest in North Miami Housing

That is not the case at all. I recently spoke with Pierre, who set the record straight.

Andre Pierre is Not a Clucker

The Haitian American attorney noted that had I checked state

incorporation records, I would have seen that he is no longer part of North Miami Housing. He gave up his interest in

North Miami Housing in 2007 when the partnership paid him $37,500 for

the legal services he provided over four years, Pierre attested. Furthermore, Pierre said, he has

disclosed the information on several occasions, including during radio

interviews this past December and January.

Pierre accused Wolland of spreading false information and distorting

the facts. For instance, Wolland's campaign spokesman Michael Caputo

claims Pierre ducked questions about his relationship with the Biscayne

Landing developers at a mayoral forum this past April 20.

Pierre noted that the person who was grilling him was Wolland. "During

that forum candidates were not allowed to ask questions," Pierre says.

"I told him I was not having a discussion with him, but if the media

wants to ask me I will gladly answer it."

So Mr. Pierre, do you still have a financial interest in the Biscayne

Landings project? "I have zero financial interest," Pierre asserted. Caputo maintains Pierre was not forthcoming about his role with Biscayne Landing until Wolland's campaign turned up the pressure.

"There is nothing with pressing an opponent to come clean," Caputo said. "And if he says he no longer has a financial interest then we consider the matter closed."

Nevertheless, Pierre filed a complaint against Wolland with the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission, claiming his adversary has "permitted the use of campaign material that falsifies, distorts and misrepresents the facts."

The North Miami election takes place May 12.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.