Ana Alliegro, Woman at Center of David Rivera Scandal, Arrested in Nicaragua

Ana Alliegro, the woman at the center of one of Miami's strangest political sagas, has been arrested in Nicaragua and will be deported back to America. She's wanted on conspiracy, illegal campaign donations and false statements.

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Alliegro, a self described "conservative bad girl," appears to have played a central part in a bizarre scheme meant to get former Rep. David Rivera reelected in 2012. A political unknown named Justin Lamar Sternard registered as a democrat in Republican Rivera's district and waged a strange attack ad on the main democratic challenger and eventual winner Joe Garcia.

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Sternard's campaign sent out attack mailers targeting Garcia. Some seemed to imply that Sternard was African-American and only used the name "Lamar Sternard." Sternard however never explained where his funding came from. He claimed that Alliegro, a woman with a long history with Rivera, was his defacto campaign manager.

Sternard is now cooperating with the FBI and says that he believes his campaign was orchestrated either by Alliegro, Rivera or both.

Days before Alliegro was supposed to talk to FBI agents in 2012 she disappeared and later turned up in Nicaragua. She returned once to answer FBI questions but once agains returned to Nicaragua where she ran a salon.

According to The Herald, neighbors of her business said that she was arrested on Tuesday. The FBI confirmed they are deporting her back today.

Rivera himself so far has not been charged but remains under investigation.

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