Ana Alliegro, Rep. David Rivera's Missing Pal, Was Arrested For Brandishing A Gun At Ex UPDATED

While the Miami Herald wonders where Ana Alliegro - a key witness in a federal criminal probe of Congressman David Rivera - has disappeared to, The Strawbuyer blogger Mike Hatami has dug up her criminal record. And it appears the self-professed "Republican Political Guru and Conservative Bad Girl" likes to get gangsta.

In 2007, Alliegro was arrested on one felony count of false imprisonment and two misdemeanors of improper display of a firearm and firing said gun in public. The felony was dropped and she was given probation for the misdemeanors. Two years later, she was busted on a petty theft charge, which was subsequently dropped.

UPDATE: Tonight, the Herald has the sordid details on Alliegro's arrests.

According to the newspaper, Alliegro was nabbed for trying to shop lift $29.99 sandals from a Ross Department Store. Two years earlier, she got into a spat wit her ex-husband Moshe Cosicher at his Coconut Grove residence. While naked, she allegedly flashed a .45 pistol she kept at her bed side at Cosicher, comparing the gun to a penis.

Reports from Miami police stated she fired a round into the ceiling when he ignored her command to sit down on the couch, according to the Herald. "You see,it's loaded -- this is business," Alliegro allegedly said.

Over the weekend, the Miami Herald reported that Alliegro is still missing after she failed to show up to an interview with the FBI and federal prosecutors more than two weeks ago. Shortly before that meeting, she allegedly spoke to Rivera on the telephone.

Alliegro -- who was once married to former Miami Mayor Joe Carollo -- delivered envelopes stuffed with $47,000 in cash to a Hialeah mail house that sent out fliers in a congressional race against Rivera's Democratic rival, Joe Garcia, the owner of the mail house owner told the FBI, which is checking four envelopes containing the greenbacks for fingerprints and handwriting comparisons.

Agents are tracking down evidence that Rivera provided the money to Democratic primary challenger Justin Lamar Sternad, a suspected straw-man candidate the congressman pitted against Garcia. Sternad failed to report the cash receipts or expenditures, which could violate federal campaign laws concerning financial disclosures for congressional candidates. Investigators are also trying to determine if Rivera and Sternad conspired to break federal laws and launder campaign money, which is illegal.

Already under a separate federal criminal investigation into his personal and campaign finances, Rivera has denied any association with Sternad. Alliegro may be the key to bringing down the congressman. The FBI seized her computer after learning she delivered the cash payments to the mail house. But she went missing before agents could grill her on what she knew and when.

Her mom, Agueda "Guedy" Alliegro told the Herald that neither she or other family members have heard from her daughter in two weeks. She also provided a cryptic statement: "I know she is resting. We are praying for her."


- Ana Alliegro, Central Figure in Latest David Rivera Scandal, Has Gone Missing

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