American Idol: Michelle Delamor Makes a Creed Song Tolerable

We realize there are probably some people who play their Creed records late at night, when no one else is awake, so as not to let anyone know their deep, dark secret: that they still listen to Creed.

But didn't most of us agree to pretend that Creed, Scott Stapp, and all of that didn't happen? Well, not Miami's American Idol contestant, Michelle Delamor. No, sir. Last night, she let her Creed flag fly and took on the band's schmaltziest hit, "With Arms Wide Open." And you know what? It wasn't horrible. Not even close. Even Simon liked it.

What a girl from Miami Beach is doing listening to Creed in the first place, we'll never know. Maybe she's just calculating and realized the people who listen to the band late at night are the same people who watch American Idol. So we expect to see her around another week. Let's just hope she won't continue singing songs from the likes of Hinder, Hoobestank, or other "alt" rock groups we'd rather just forget.

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Kyle Munzenrieder