Amazingly, This Race Show Has Gone on 14 Seasons

There have been 14 seasons of The Amazing Race? That is just, kind of, amazing, because I've never watched more than five seconds of it at a time. Also, consider that unlike so many other reality shows, The Race has never really contributed a catch phrase or pseudo-celebrity to the public consciousness. Nope, no "You're fired" or Omarosas here. Just people racing, amazingly so, apparently.

Amazing Race 14 kicks off February 14 and features two former Dolphins cheerleaders: Cara Rosenthal, currently a law student, and Jaime Edmonson, an ex-cop. The redheaded cheerleaders' natural enemy will most likely be the duo of blond flight attendants.

They'll also be racing against a more out-of-the-box pair: screenwriter Mike White (School of Rock and Year of the Dog) and his father, gay-rights activist Mel White.

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