Amazing, Someone is Actually Protesting The Crist Wedding

Riptide works on a self imposed quota system, and in order to meet our goals we have to make at least one "Charlie Crist is gay" joke a week. So it was only natural when reporting on Charlie Crist's upcoming nuptials to lay it on thick, especially while we were still fuming from the travesty of Amendment 2. At the end of a post entitled "Crist Prepares For His Constitutionally Protected Marriage," we rattled off that "it would be a real, real shame if any respectful type activists showed up to protest the passage of Amendment 2."

And guess what? Some respectful type activists are actually showing up to protest Crist's Constitutionally protected marriage to female being Carol Rome. According to GaySoFl.com, Impact-Florida is planning the peaceful gathering.

"A group called Impact-Florida is organizing a demonstration outside the First United Methodist Church of Saint Petersburg while the couple exchanges vows inside (Friday, December 12, 7:00 PM). Immediately following the ceremony, demonstrators plan to continue their protest outside the wedding reception at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort, the location Mr. & Mrs. Crist have reserved to celebrate their new constitutionally protected marriage.

But protest organizers promise to be on their best behavior. "Our objective will be to celebrate the Governor's fundamental right to marry," says Impact Florida spokesperson Lorna Bracewell, in an exclusive interview with GaySoFla.com. "The demonstration will be peaceful and respectful," the singer/songwriter and Tampa Bay native assures the online LGBT magazine.

Haha, amazing. Anyone interested in participating can find more information at Impact-Florida's site.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.