AllCanes Sells "Nevin Shapiro: Snitches Get Stitches" T-Shirt

While the University of Miami athletics department is surely full of anxiety this week, you also have to feel for the fine folks down the street at AllCanes, the store that specializes in nothing but Hurricanes merchandise. The Shapiro scandal could affect the shop's bottom line, but at the moment, the place is trying to make the best of a bad situation with a newly realized Nevin Shapiro shirt.

Apologies to AllCanes' classic "The U Invented Swagger" tee, but the store just might have a brand-new best seller.

Here's the product description:

Fresh from our guys at Bad Boys Of The 80s, the "Snitches Tee" - for that snitching, stool pigeon, scumbag, jailbird rat, Nevin Shapiro. Rakontur's Billy Corben turned us on to the new tee, so we made a point to get it in stock due to popular demand. This worn-in, comfy tee is a double middle finger to the corrupt NCAA and that steaming pile of human garbage rotting in an Atlanta prison. This tee might not be for everybody, but there was a big outcry for it and to those who see it as therapy, here you go. Go Canes. U Family. Keep the faith.

You can pick up yours here.

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