Alicia Bouchard Encouraged Her Husband to Impregnate a 12-Year-Old To Get More Welfare Benefits

Alicia Bouchard, 41, and her 26-year-old husband Matthew Bouchard are now both behind bars. Police recently uncovered a sickening scheme in which Mrs. Bouchard encouraged her husband to rape a 12-year-old girl, living in their household, with the intent of impregnating her. Mrs. Bouchard hoped the new child would provide more welfare checks.

Matthew Bouchard, who lived with his wife in Jackson County, was originally arrested for raping a minor late last year after police got a tip that the girl was being sexually abused. It is not known why the girl was living with the Bouchards, but it doesn't seem she is directly related to Matthew. 

After Mr. Bouchard was arrested, the girl was sent to a shelter home where she divulged more details according to The Jackson County Floridian. She claimed that not only did Mrs. Bouchard encourage the rape, but she watched. 

"The worse that could happen is you would get pregnant," Mrs. Bouchard is alleged to have told the girl.

In fact that was Mrs. Bouchard's goal, police say. In custody, Mr. Bouchard claimed he was persuaded to sleep with the girl, because Mrs. Bouchard wanted more welfare money.

Police arrested Mrs. Bouchard last week, and found a letter apologizing for not only watching the rape, but also for allowing the young girl to watch the married couple have sex. 

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