Alex Sink Is Just Going to Run for a Congressional Seat

Aside from Senator Bill Nelson, former CFO Alex Sink is the only Democrat to get elected statewide in Florida in recent memory, which makes her one of the party's highest profile pols. She ran a close race with Rick Scott for governor in 2010, opted out of a rematch, and now she's decided she's just going to run for a recently vacated House seat up in Pinellas County.

U.S. Rep. Bill Young, a Republican, died earlier this month, and now his seat is heading for a special election. Democrats view it as a competitive seat, and clearly D.C. Dems want every last seat possible in John Boehner's Tea Party-loving House of Representatives. Clearly they're pulling out the big guns in this race.

Sink will move from Hillsborough County into the district.

"Washington's broken. And I, like everybody else I know, is angry and mad about the logjam, about shutting down the government, about not understanding the impact it was going to have on small businesses and people. The people up there just don't seem to be able to work together," said Sink in a statement.

With so few high-profile Democrats in the state, one has to wonder about the wisdom of relegating Sink to a congressional seat. Then again, with Charlie Crist all-but-officially running for governor as a Democrat and Sink opting out of a primary race, the next statewide opportunity Sink would have (save a return to her CFO spot) would be a Senate challenge against Marco Rubio in two years.

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