Al Sharpton: The Greatest Snitch

No one should be surprised that Al Sharpton was a snitch for the federal government. Last week, the Smoking Gun unearthed damning evidence of the reverend's role as a mob rat during the '80s. The exposé detailed how Sharpton became the FBI's "CI-7," toting around a special briefcase outfitted with a secret recording device that caught several wiseguys from the Genovese crime family. He flipped when FBI agents showed Sharpton a videotape of him talking about doing a cocaine deal with an undercover agent posing as a South American kingpin.

Initially, Sharpton denied it. Now he's claiming he cooperated with the FBI only because his life had been threatened by gangsters. Yeah, right. Sharpton has been bamboozling African-Americans ever since he joined the civil rights movement. He's always been a government double agent, pretending to help black people when he really does nothing for them. Sharpton is a great showman who can get cameras to follow him around. His job is to fool African-Americans into thinking someone is fighting for them.

When he came to Florida following the murder of Trayvon Martin, Sharpton vowed he would lead the fight to repeal Stand Your Ground. Two years after the boy's death, the law is still on the books. He promised to move to Chicago's worst neighborhoods to fight the gun violence killing so many black people in the Windy City. According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, Sharpton leased an apartment in an affluent part of town and stays there only once a week.

I've been dealing with two-faced activists like Sharpton since I was an underground DJ in the early '80s. When I was throwing a party at a park in Liberty City, a riot broke out after a white police officer yelled "niggers" at us because we were playing music too loudly. A few days later, Rev. Willie Sims came by, acting like he wanted to help us resolve the situation. He was really a flunky, sent by the City of Miami to keep the black people in check.

That's what Sharpton does. He's the "political activist" who goes to whichever city or state is having a "black" disturbance to tell African-Americans what they want to hear. But he never really does anything except talk.

For being a government stool pigeon, Sharpton has gotten two book deals, a host spot on a national news talk show, and fame. He's the greatest snitch ever.

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