Air Force Flying 24 Tons of Cocaine to Miami Because Costa Rica Can't Destroy It On Its Own

Costa Rica has nearly 24 tons of pure, uncut cocaine sitting around that the country can't possibly take care of all on its own, so it's inviting its good friend Miami to help out.

Yes, today the U.S. Air Force is transporting 24 pounds of nose candy to Miami, where it will ultimately be destroyed.

According to the Costa Rica Star, Costa Rican officials seized the coke through more than two years of work. Coke often travels through there from places like Colombia and Bolivia to its final destination of the United States.

Though Costa Rica has the ability to seize so much nose candy, it doesn't have the capacity to destroy it all on its own. So the nearly 24 tons of coke are being transported to Miami by the Air Force.

Members of Costa Rica's Ministry of Public Safety, the Superior Council of the Republic, the Third Chamber of Justice, the Presidency of the Courts, and a judge will all be aboard the plan as it makes the trip. The country's consul general in Miami will meet them to ensure the coke is destroyed.

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Kyle Munzenrieder