After Beckham Announces Miami Interest, Euro Soccer Site Declares Miami "Worst Sports Town in America"

David Beckham himself commented on reports that he's pursuing an MLS team in Miami, noting that it's "something I'm very interested in" during a live Facebook event from London today.

Which gave a writer at Yahoo!'s Eurosports blog the opportunity to declare Miami the worst sports town in America and deciding the venture would be "an expensive mistake."

Lets look at Seán Fay's argument point by point:

First he mention's last night's Miami Heat ring ceremony: "The ring ceremony should have been a chance for their supporters to go crazy with joy. However, everything was strangely muted."

Of course, we've gone in to detail explaining the difference between people who can afford Miami Heat tickets regularly and the rest of us before.

He mentions that Miami is supposed to be a huge market for Soccer fans because of our Latin population, but then points out that no one goes to Marlins games: "They also love their baseball. In fact in some of Miami's biggest Latin communities - Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela for example - hold much stronger ties to America's Pastime than the Beautiful Game. Despite all this, the support for the city's Major League Baseball team - the Miami Marlins - is nothing short of an embarrassment."

But he doesn't mention some pretty important facts, like, oh, I don't know the three fire sales, the fact that the entire county felt screwed over by their stadium deal, the man named "Jeffrey Loria." None of that is mentioned.

He mentions the weather: "Baseball, like the MLS, is mainly played in the summer. The Florida heat makes the beach a far more attractive option than watching a game in a stifling stadium. Miami has second-rate sports teams but first-rate beaches. It costs money to enter one, the other is free."

Actually, our beaches are more populated during the fall, winter and spring. During the summer we're all typically about being anywhere with air conditioning.

He mentions the Dolphins: "Even the Dolphins of the immensely popular NFL struggle to draw crowds."

OK, true.

He mentions the Panthers: "It is a similar story with the city's ice hockey team - the Florida Panthers."

Actually, not our team anymore. They play in Broward.

He mentions the Fusion: "They've even had an MLS team in the past, The Fusion, who were closed down after only four years due to lack of interest."

Again, we hate to split hairs, but they played in Fort Lauderdale.

He claims Beckham is more interested in celebrity than success: "Outside of LA, it is the most celebrity obsessed town in America."

We ain't obsessed with celebrities. If celebrities are just obsessed with us, damn, we can't help it.

Of course, we all know that Miami's sports fan culture could increase (and maybe that'll happen once our economy does), but if you're going to call it the worst sports town in America you should at least bring up some better points.

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