Actual Socialists Remind Us Obama is No Socialist

The good folk down at Versailles seemed absolutely sure that Obama was a total pinko. No one bothered to ask the actual pinkos what they thought of that, so we checked out the official statements on Obama's election from the Party for Socialism and Liberation, The Socialist Worker's Party, and the Worker's World Party.

All three are just absolutely ecstatic that an African American was elected President, and that is where their enthusiasm ends.

The PSL, says "The Democratic Party is as much a party of the bankers and bosses as is the Republican Party. McCain and Obama shared a common list of corporate and banking sponsors," and are kind of pissed he threw Rev. Jeremiah Write under the bus. Sorry PSL, but the dude was bonkers. Anyone would have done the same.

The Socialist Worker's Party think he's all talk and no walk, "A closer look at Obama's stated policy positions--as opposed to his soaring rhetoric--points to a big gap between the hopes and expectations of Obama voters and the cautious, moderate program he has put forward."

The WWP seems to think that maybe America did actually want radical change, but that maybe Obama isn't the one to give it to them. Though they're still crossing their fingers and remaining naively optimist, "Now that the people are awake they may organize and fight for what they want and need. More than anything else, it is this potential that portends a new political situation in the U.S. and the world.The feeling on the streets of cities large and small across the U.S. on election night was that now, anything is possible, and it is."

So there we have it folks, 3 out of 3 American Socialists Parties agree, Obama is no Socialist.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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Kyle Munzenrieder