About That Rihanna Post This Morning...

The last thing in the world I want is for a serious point I was trying to make about domestic abuse devolve into some pissing match with two radio jocks. The underlying subject matter is too serious.

Enrique Santos left a long comment on the original post, and you should read it to get his side of the story.

In response, I was disturbed by much of the gossipy response to the Chris Brown scandal that tried to justify the alleged assault by inferring that Rihanna some how deserved it. When I saw the video this morning a lot of those feelings came out, and perhaps I didn't differentiate enough between two entities: people who are spreading rumors to justify the alleged abuse and Enrique y Joe who are capitalizing on the speculation for entertainment and promotion. I didn't mean to intend that Enrique y Joe were themselves trying to justify the abuse.

The video as posted on the official YouTube page of their show is tagged with "domestic violence," and many of the comments left on the video were appalling. I doubt very much that either of the DJs personally tag their own YouTube posts (though, someone in their operation must have), and they are certainly not responsible for the comments. However, when you make light of a situation involving a serious topic like domestic violence you should expect for it to illicit strong reactions.

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