A Real-Life Pretty Lady, Young Don King, and Future Hair

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Arrested: 11/30
Charged with: Leaving scene of injury-causing crash
This is purely for page views. Moving on...

Arrested: 11/28
Charged with: Attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer, fleeing police officer, leaving scene of an accident with property damage
We did a little background research on this guy. Apparently he was arrested for attempted murder of a cop, and he already had a warrant out for fleeing the car accident that left him looking like Wile E. Coyote. (He also has his arm in a sling and walks with crutches.) So just in case you're feeling sorry for yourself over the holidays, think about this guy. We're going to keep this mug shot in our wallet as a picker-upper when we're down.

Arrested: 11/29
Charged with: Aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, knowingly driving with a suspended license
Of course Young Don King would get arrested when he travels to the future, totally throwing off the space-time continuum. Thanks a lot.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts